Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Lovin'

I must admit that at the beginning of this summer I was a little nervous.  Last year I had my waitressing gig to supplement my meager employment insurance benefits.  This summer I am not working at all.  I thought the lack of income might mean no fun for me and missing out on a lot of awesome things.  Luckily I can say that this has not been the case.  With summer break about half over I feel like not only am I surviving, but I am thriving.  Sure, I have to be a little more careful and can't be quite the shopaholic that I am by nature but I am certainly having a lot of fun!  I am crossing off many of my summer to-do list items and loving every minute of it.

A pretty pink poppy growing in my jungle garden.

Rockin' out to the sweet sounds of Silent Thunder at the third annual Max Mckeen Martin Golf Tournament

Two weekends ago I had the most fabulous weekend.  I was my sweetie's birthday and we had such a fun time celebrating.  We are fortunate to live in this wonderful city and there is always something great going on.  We celebrated with a yummy pasta dinner and vino followed by a walk along the waterfront to see the tall ships that were in town.  The best part of the evening was our fireworks cruise around the harbour on the Tall Ship Silva (which was a little suprise I had planned) .  We had a few beers, ate some chocolate peanut butter cheesecake that I made for the occasion and saw an impressive fireworks show.  It is at times like these that I am reminded how lucky I am, not only to live in such a beautiful place but also to have such lovely company;)   

It's a cheesecake and I made it!  First one ever!

 On board the Tall Ship Silva

Setting Sail


The next day we headed out to boyfriend's parent's house for some BBQ and a dip in the pool and slept over so we could get up and head out golfing (boyfriend's parent's gift to him).  It was my first time ever golfing 18 holes (with only one round of 9 holes, two years previous) and although I had no idea what I was doing, I really enjoyed it.  I did not wrap any clubs around trees, or have a hissy fit-meltdown when I totally sucked and had to take ten swings to hit the ball.  It is something I'd definately do again!

Check out that form!

This week I have managed to somewhat conquer my fears of driving my bike on the city roads (a bit overwhelming for this small town girl) and we headed down to Point Pleasant Park for a little picnic followed by ice cream. I have also been spending lots of time chillin' pool side with K-dawg and's simply divine and oh so relaxing.  On the rainy days I have been stitching up gazillions of owlies (in reality about 40) to keep busy.  I am enjoying it immensely since I have been on a bit of a crafty hiatus since Christmas.  I looking forward to this weeked so I can see my besties in Lunenburg and then head to Fundy National Park for some camping adventures!


Hooters in various stages of development.

So that's it for my summer lovin' to date.  Hopefully after this long weekend I will have  a camping adventure post:)

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