Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer To-Do List

Now that it's the last week of school and the first full week of summer I have officially got summer fever.  I can't stop thinking about all of the fun things I want to do this summer.  Already it seems that my weekends are filling up.  Here are a few things that I had in mind to make my summer complete:

1.  Multicultural Festival (ate my way through China, India and Sri Lanka)
2.  Volunteer at the Max McKeen Martin Foundation Golf Tournament (to support children with immune disorders)
3.  Tandem bike ride and picnic with my sweetie (no tandem, but a sweet ride to Point Pleasant Park)
4.  Patio hopping(Foggy Goggle, Lower Deck)
5.  Beer Fest
6.  Busker's Festival
7.  Camping (Demon's Point, Fundy National Park)
8.  Al Fresco Film Festo avec Johnny Depp
9.  Lunenburg Craft Festival and Beer Garden (skipped the beer part and just hung out with my BFF)
10.  Beaching,  drifting out to sea on a floatie at least once(Hirtle's, Crystal Crescent,Conrad's).
11.  Break in my new bike
12.  Zip Lining
13.  Rafting
14.  See fireworks (from the deck of a tallship!)
15.  Roast marshmallows and hotdogs
16.  Gardening (aka taming the jungle growing along my walkway)
18.  Try new wines and make delicious cocktail concoctions
19.  Find a friend with a boat and get myself on it (I think this still counts even if you pay to go on a tour of the Halifax Harbour)
20.  Read some absolute brain fluff
21.  Road Trippin' around this beautiful province
22.  Do some geocaching
23.  Girl's night on my patio
24.  Get a vintage inspired bathing suit
25.  Bonfires
26. See a drive in movie

As I complete these things I'll check 'em off and see how many I can get done:) Anything else fabulous that I am forgetting?  What are y'all doing this summer?

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