Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome Summer

Life has been busy with the school year wrapping up and I have not had much time to think too much about writing...except for report cards that is. The good new is as of tonight reports are done. I am just awaiting approval from the admin and am praying that I have only a fraction of the edits i had second term.

I am also happy to be stepping up my game in the physical fitness department and am on the soccer field once a week and am continuing with hockey as always. Once school finishes next week and I have some time on my hands I hope to step up things in my gym routine and in the healthy eating department. I won't be bikini ready for July (who really is ever bikini ready anyways?) but there's still hope for August!

Welcome summer, the most glorious time of year:)

Here are some random images of things from my daily life:

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