Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kid's Stuff and other Tidbits

The only downfall of having a full time job and being able to pay your bills is not having enough time to do things like read for pleasure and create.  I have sneaked in a few crafty bits here and there but it is certainly not my number one priority at the moment.  I am looking forward to March Break in a months time where I can get a few things, both practical for work and fun done.  Here are just a few pics of what has been keeping me busy.

Art classes with the kiddos.

I love the Indiana Jones cute!  I think he has chest hair.

Building skeletons of 3D shapes turned into tower building...I just went with it.

Taught myself how to cross-stitch, it ain't hard.  Made this little weinie.

I found this pic on Facebook from the wedding cupcakes I made this summer and hadn't seen it before, so I thought I'd share.

I also have some good vintage finds from over the past few months but I haven't taken any pictures so those'll have to wait for another post.  A hot shower and my bed are calling my name...gonna try to make it there before midnight tonight:)

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