Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's Been a While.

I haven't posted on here for over a month!  I have been getting really slack.  I haven't been feeling overly inspired but a few fun things have happened and I have gotten a few things done around here.  It also doesn't help that report card time is creepin' up on me and is starting to consume my life.  Due to the fact that I am feeling incredibly lazy, here is the bulleted version of some of the things that I have enjoyed over the past month or so.

Some thrifted stuff and other pics:)
Old crafty "How To" book.
Thrifted beaded/sequined Top Shop tank.

Thrifted cross-stitched pillow cases.
My OneLine a Day journal that I have been writing in faithfully:)
Cross-stitch project.
Thrifted Steve Madden peep toes.
Birthday bling and other sparkly things.

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