Sunday, November 6, 2011

Button Art

If you asked me what my favorite design style is I am not sure what I would say.  I know one thing I definately would not say, and that is country!  I despise country.  Images of burgundy gingham and tole painted everything come to mind and it makes me barf a little in my mouth. So...I shocked myself last weekend when I bought myself this piece of country-fied art for my craft nook.

I just couldn't resist the embroidery, the brightly coloured buttons and the mason jar (I love mason jars!).  The artist is Catherine Otto, is a mixed media artist from somewhere local...I believe when we were chatting she said Elmsdale (sorta near Halifax, Nova Scotia, for any non-locals). She seems to be into buttons, embroidery, sparkles and steampunk.   I really love her stuff, and it's not that country is it?

Here is how it looks hanging in my nook.


kt said...

It's not that bad!

No, really, it's cute. But I was WAY more interested in checking out how your craft-nook is set up. I have serious nook-envy.

janniep said...

My nook is actually my dining room. It serves double duty...but I craft in there way more than I eat in there.