Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunny Sundays

The weather has turned and the sun is shining.  I am once again a happy girl:)  I have posted in a while...I am pretty much maintaining the status-quo around here.  Wake up, lay in the sun, thrift, get crafty, maybe have a beer or two...repeat.

Here are my latest thrift shop finds and one little sewing project in progress:

Two lovely lamps in need of shades (cuz someone made the first one butt ugly by adding green cording).
 $4.99 each

Black, silver, gold and copper sequined purse. 

Picnic basket

Pink Shades

Vintage Pink Nightie
(Dear future husband, If you are reading this forget you ever saw this.)

Vintage Yellow & Floral Nightie
(...forget this one too, it's a little Hoyt Fortenberry's mom-ish)

Cozy, vintage nubbly sweater:)

Cute Asian jammies to be gifted to one of my mommy friends...
or to be saved for my first born....I'll never tell;)

Brown velvet (shown inside out) progress...if no future pics are shown, you know things went horribly wrong with this guy!

I am off to a bbq with friends.  Enjoy the rest of this sunny Sunday lovelies:)

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