Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sassy New Threads

Today I went shopping and spent some of my non-existent cash on some new threads.  I had been eyeing up these cute red jeans from Joe Fresh (only $29) and had been waiting 'til I had a great night at my waitressing job to justify buying them.  Well last Friday was that night.  Saturday morning I get up and head to my local Superstore's Joe Fresh department to get my jeans.  As my luck would have it they had three pairs left....all size ZERO!  Zero, seriously...how is that even a size :(

Today I woke up and decided to treat myself to a gift from the new Sephora store that just opened up.  As I walk into the mall I pass American Eagle when a pair of red jeans practically jump out at me.  So of course I go in and buy them (and a pair of sunglasses for good measure).
Image via ae.com

Then I buy this cute belt from The Gap that I think will go just perfect with my new red jeans.  Do you think I should have gone with a skinnier version?

Image via Gap.ca

I had also been eyeing up this multi-coloured glitter nail polish at Sephora but lo and behold it was sold out.  So I picked up an eyeliner and went on my merry little way...without the $12 nail polish that set me out on this journey...and a lot less money in the bank(although truth be told none of these items were bank breakers under normal circumstances).

I have an idea of how these pieces are going to come together to make a sassy little number.  Maybe if I think of it I will post a pic of myself in my new ensemble:)

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