Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Entertaining Myself When the Sun Refuses to Shine

Blech.  It has been dreary around these parts.  At first I was trying to stay positive and view all this rain as an opportunity to get some things done around the house and work on some projects but I have officially had enough.  Here's how I've been entertainin' myself:

1.  Goin' to Beer Fest and drinkin' lots of beer from a tiny mug.

2.  Going to the Museum of Natural History with Cute Face and his momma. Bzzzzz.

3. Sewin' up owlies.

4.  Blingin' out my nails.

5.  Finding even more plates for my plate wall and other junk I don't need:) 

I have no shortage of things I could and should be doing indoors...but that being said...I am desperately seeking some sunshine!

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