Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Home: Before and Afters

A few of you asked to see pictures of what I've been doing to my place since I moved in back in April.  I was hesitant to post the photos because it is a work in progress and didn't want to share until I had it just so.  However today I was cleaning up around here and decided now was just as good a time as any.  I will just update as I make it more fabulous:)  Here is how I have incorporated all my thrift shop finds into my home thus far!



Dining Room/Craft Nook:
Some other non-before/after style shots from around my place:

It's still not perfect but I am happy:)  I have lots of other plans.  I'll keep ya posted as they happen!


Pam said...

Having seen the place in it's disastrous state, you have done amazing work and the place looks fantastic!! I love the warm yellow walls in the kitchen and craft nook and I adore that little bench seat by your front door. Your apartment is a true reflection of who you are, what you love and what you stand for. Out of all the places you have lived since I've known you, I think this place is the most accurate representation of you! xo

janniep said...

Pam, You are the sweetest! I must say it does feel good to have a place that is totally me, probably for the first time ever:)

Japan-a-lana said...

What a nice apartment! I can tell it is full of wonderful finds. Everything looks so hand chosen.