Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yarn Bombing, My Kind of Graffiti!

Now I could get down with some graffiti like this!  Yarn bombing, yarn storming or guerilla knitting is in my opinion one of the raddist (yeah, I said raddist) things I have come across in a little while.  My friend T actually tweeted about this a few weeks ago and I have been meaning to post about it and just haven't had time.   Yarn bombing adds warmth and colour to urban landscapes.  I am down with anything warm, cozy and colourful.  While technically it is still vandalism and is technically illegal, it is easily removed and generally goes un-punished:)

Here are some awesome yarn bombing pictures I have found around the web:

From The Knitorious M.E.G.
From the Yarn Bombing Facebook page

Now I just have to learn how to knit...the only crafty skill that has eluded me thus far!


Sarah said...

OMG I was at that exact same phone both in London - sans Yarn of course!!!

janniep said...

Haha...come to think of it I may have been there myself back in '98:)