Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Secret Boyfriend~ Jamie Oliver

It's been a while since I did a secret boyfriend post.  I think that because up until now I have only found men worthy of secret boyfriend, summer fling, or friends with benefits.  This post isn't actually about my secret's about my secret husband.  Sorry Jools.  Jamie is coming home to me from now on. 

Seriously, what more could a woman ask for?  He cooks.  He's got a charming British accent.  He used to be known as the naked chef.  He is also trying to change the eating habits of people around the world and introduce them to real, quality food through his "Food Revolution".  He's got morals.  Not to mention he's bloody sexy.

I love reading Jamie's cookbooks.  Not just for the amazing recipes, but for the way they are actually written.  I find them entertaining and love that they read as if Jamie himself is telling you how to cook a delicious meal.  I love hearing his sexy voice through his writing.

So Jamie darling...if you are reading this...don't forget to bring home some strawberries today.  I have a yummy dessert planned for you;)

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