Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Plate Wall Regression:(

My plate wall has gone from 83% done to about 16% done...not to be too precise or anything!  Yesterday I went to get the adhesive hook thingys (that is the technical term) to attach to my last two plates and after they dried I was going to hang them up today and I would be done.  Well obviously that did not happen.  I was out pimpin' out my deck (removing the vines that had over taken about 25% of my deck) when I got a huge splinter in my finger.  I came inside to dig it out with a pin (which happen to be in my craft/dining room where my plate wall is) when one of my favorite plates fell at my feet and shattered into a bazillion pieces.  It was my little horsey plate:(  So down come all my plates except for two that have built in hanger things.  Three have already fallen, one broken...time to come up with a new plan.  Now I am stuck with a wall with two plates and ten empty picture hanger hooks!   I will have to get those ugly wire hangers which will probably through off all my "measurements" and I will probably have to tear out all the nails and adjust everything.  That wall is going to me a hot mess!

R.I.P Little horsey plate:(

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