Saturday, June 18, 2011

Beaucoup de Tresors~ Partie Deux!

Here are the rest of my thrifted finds from the past week or so:

Vintage Plaid ($3)

Vintage Pink ($5), needs to be altered...too big!

Pink Arcoroc France Glassware($19)
Sweet Little Botanical Bowls ($6)

 Horsey Plate for plate wall ($2)

Housewarming Gifts from K:

Buttercup Yellow with Polka Dot Apron (this picture does not do it justice!)

Glass Cake Plate with Tin Lid

Adorabley Fruity Glasses (shot in extremely poor lighting)

That's it for now...but you can be sure there will be more!

1 comment:

Japan-a-lana said...

My mom has the same tin cake cover! It is very handy.