Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beaucoup de Tresors ~ Partie Une!

Pardon mon francais if it is not quite right.. I am working with my very rusty high school French and can't be bothered to "babel fish" it.

Here are my latest finds...there are more than a few!  I had misplaced my camera cord and just found it tonight so the pics have been piling up.  The picture quality is terrible for a lot of these shots.  I just threw the item somewhere in my place and snapped the photo.  No photo styling here.

Cute painting (about $8)

Vintage Nautical Shirt (about $2.50)

Sweet Little Dish (about $2)

Metallic Tender Tootsies (about $4)

Praying Jesus Hands Plate for plate wall (I don't know if I will actually use this...about $2)

Gold Vase Thing (about $6)

Reproduction of Betty Crocker's Original 1950 Cookbook (about $4)

Mirror, intended to go on the wall.   Although the frame is quite high so I may use it as a fancy tray
 (about $5)

There are several more gems including some great vintage housewarming gifts from my co-Value Village stalker friend K but my computer is slow and it is past my bedtime so the rest will have to wait.


Japan-a-lana said...

Love the nautical top! I could totally wear that to work. The old Betty Crocker cookbooks are the best! I had one, but not sure where it is now!

janniep said...

My Betty Crocker is a reproduction of the original but I love it. I think the illustrations are the cutest!

Anonymous said...

I have a very similar mirror that I use as a tray in my boudoir; perfect for housing perfume bottles! :)