Sunday, April 17, 2011

Style Sunday(?) Glee Girls~ Emma Pilsbury

My last Fashion Friday post (which was actually posted on a Saturday) was a tribute to Glee's Rachel Berry( aka Lea Michelle).  For this week's Style Sunday (they just keep getting later and later) I put together an outfit for the Glee Girl who's style I actually like the most...Emma Pilsbury.  Miss Pilsbury (portrayed by Jayma Mays) is the guidance counsellor at William McKinley High School.  Her outfits are always put together just so, she has a penchant for colourful cardigans, and big plastic quirky jewelry.  I normally don't like things to be so matchy-matchy but for Miss Pilsbury it just works.

I think I need to start dressing a little more Miss Pilsbury like at school.  I think it would elicit better behaviour from my students.  How could you be naughty when your teacher looks so sunshine-y?

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