Saturday, April 9, 2011

Deals and Outright Steals!

So I've got the keys to my new place and today I was on a mission.  I had my mind set on getting some good, cheap furniture to fill my new abode and boy did I succeed!  I mentioned a few posts back that my goal was to furnish and decorate my new place for $500. 

First, here are my before photos:

View of the hall way and front door.

My living room windows.  My favorite thing about the whole place, the great windows.

Boring blank wall where my couch will go.  I am gonna have to get me some art to spice it up a little.

My room.  Note the hotel style headboard attached to the wall.  I am going to make it fabulous, just wait and see!

 Doorless closet :(

My little bathroom.

Kitchen.  I love how wide my counter is.  I can't wait to do some baking on that sucker!

Just a small portion of my huge back deck.  I foresee a summer of mojitos and sunbathing.

It needs a major cleaning.  I also detest the wall colour, it reminds me of a brown paper bag.  The ceramic tiles have cracks and all the radiator heater covers are falling off.  However, it is going to be all mine and that makes me very happy.  I can't wait to clean it up, paint the walls, and get my stuff in there and make it my own.

Now, here for the really exciting stuff.  The deals and steals of the day!  I got all of this great stuff for a song:)

Yellow floral vintage sheet $4.99-Value Village
Yellow vintage fitted sheet $2.99-Value Village
Royal blue Ralph Lauren bath mat (Originally $24.99, marked down to $15.99 with an additional 60% off) $9.59-The Bay
Pale turquoise throw blanket(Originally $49.99, marked down to $29.99 with an additional 60% off) $17.99- The Bay
(I actually bought the above stuff like three days ago)

Large retro dresser (to be used as a banquet/tv stand)  and matching retro nightstand (to be used as a night stand) $30- Habitat for Humanity Re-Store

(this picture more accurately reflects the true colour of both pieces)

Girly coffee table $40-Almanac Antique Shop

Adorable 1920's kitchen chairs (I forgot to take a proper picture of them)$40-Almanac Antique Shop
Grand Total $145.56

$459.11-145.56= $313.55 remaining in budget

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