Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Very Own Girly Girl Dream House

On May 1st I will be moving into my very own Barbie Dream House...or at least it will be.  My brain is going into overdrive thinking of ways to beautify my new place.  My plans include lots of florals, lace, pink and ultra feminine touches.  I am also going to try to do this on a very strict budget and from mostly thrifted, up-cycled items.  I am aiming to do it all for under $500 and that includes purchasing a "new" sofa (the only large piece of furniture I am without at the moment).  I can't wait to get in there so I can take some before photos.  For now I'll share the amazing things that I have thrifted thus far.

Value Village finds from my Saturday evening treasure hunts with K-Dog.

Vintage floral sheets 2x$3.99
Vintage floral pillow cases 2x$0.99
White bed skirt (not shown) $3.99
Eyelet shower curtain $6.99
Lace curtain $6.99
Blue/Floral plate $2.99
Bird picture $3.99
Vintage Piggy Bank (not shown) $0.99
Glass pitcher (not shown) $4.99
= $40.89
$500 - 40.89 = 459.11 remaining in budget

My new motto:)

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