Thursday, February 10, 2011

So Many Hatties...Who Knew?

I was perusing etsy looking at cute little felt creatures when I came across another felt "Hattie" hedgehog.  She looks somewhat similar to mine only not 3D (and not nearly as cute if I do say so myself)....
via Bloomingvintage on Etsy
This prompted me to do a quick google search to see what would come up.  My Hattie and my pattern for her were the first ones to appear but there appears to be other little "Hatties" out there!  Here are a  few more:
via Megasuper Studio

via print&pattern

via jstforewe on Etsy

via Holly Clifton-Brown

Even a real life Hattie 'the hard to please' Hedgehog!
via Flickr

Oh well.  I still love my Hattie and her sweet little name!  I won't be changing it any time soon!

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