Monday, January 17, 2011

Hattie the Hedgehog ~My Original Pattern

I said a few days ago that I was looking for hedgehog inspiration and here is why:

Meet Hattie!
See she fits in my hand like the other hedgehog and is almost as cute!

Hattie is my first 100% original design.  Here is how I made her!

1.  I looked at some cute pictures of hedgehogs and some cute hedgehogs sent to me by Alana from Japan.  I sketched out a picture of a little hedgie.

2.  I cut the sketch into pieces.  I enlarged the face piece by about 1/8th of an inch.  I also made the legs slightly longer so they'd be easier to stitch onto the body.  I also created a belly panel so she could be 3 dimensional and stand up on her own.

3.  My pattern ended up looking like this.  I would like to add a link so it can be downloaded but I don't know how to do that.  Anyone able to help?  If you are interested I can send it to you or you could save this picture and print out using a full page (or 8X10) and that should work.

4.  Next I stiched the face onto the body, just along the back edge.  I then stitched on the quills and attached the legs.  Then I stitched on the eyes and the mouth (which ended up being a bit wobbly).  After all the embroidery type stuff was done I stitched one half of the body to the bell panel and then the other.  Once that was done I stitched up the face and prickly edge leaving about an inch to stuff her.  The I closed her up.  For the finishing touch I added cheeks, little ears, and a nose.  Voila!  Hattie the Hedgehog!


Japan-a-lana said...

Super cute! Great job making an original pattern!!

I think you can do it through GoogleDocs, check it out. I'd like to post some of my lesson plans maybe in the future.

janniep said...

Thanks:) I am really making little felt things these days. I like the tiny detail you can achieve with out all the hemming etc. I'll have to check it out.

janniep said...

I just noticed the legs on the pattern should read cream felt, not brown...ooops.

Tidyowl said...

Hattie is my favourite one so far!

janniep said...

Thanks Sara!
P.S.-I have been stalking your pinterest!!!