Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Softie Sketches

Last night on my facebook page I posed the question "What adorable creature should I craft next?"  The first suggestions I got included a weiner dog, a whale, and a walrus.  Do you see a theme there?  I joked that I could make my very own 'W' series of felt softies.  Here are the sketches I whipped up to hopefully eventually convert into patterns.

I think I can pull of the first two but the walrus may be a challenge.
I also sketched up some little gnomes that I might try to make as well. 
I am also planning on doing Russian stacking dolls and possibly a fox that was also suggested via Facebook. 
P.S.-Sorry about the photo quality the lighting was terrible and these were just lightly sketched in pencil so they don't show up super well. 

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