Monday, January 24, 2011

Raising Awareness About Chronic Granulomatous Disease~For my buddies Max and Jude

This isn't the sort of thing I would normally post on my blog.  Generally I stick to crafty, cute and light-hearted topics. 

Today however, I would like to tell you about Max.

Max was a precious little guy who captured the hearts of anyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.  Everyone knew with in a minute of meeting him what a cute, charismatic, kind, and an all round great kid he was.  What no one knew was that Max had a rare immunodeficiency disease which made his body susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections. Max's white blood cells didn’t have the ability to produce hydrogen peroxide, the body’s main weapon against these kinds of infections.

On August 5th, 2009 two of my closest friends in the whole world lost their son to a disease called Chronic Granulomatous Disease.  At the time of Max's passing his mom  was seven months pregnant with her second son Jude.  Jude also has CGD.  To read more about the Martin family (Adam, Krystal, Max and Jude) and CGD please check out the links to the stories "Living in Your Worst Nightmare" and "Exposure to Bacteria Can Kill" as posted in today's Chronicle Herald.

Please spread the word about Chronic Granulomatous Disease.  Also if you are interested in helping this cause please contact me or check out the Facebook page for the Max Mckeen Martin Foundation in which all money raised goes directly to the Immunology department at the Isaac Walton Killam Hospital in Halifax Nova Scotia.

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