Sunday, November 7, 2010

Alderney Landing Market Debut

Yesterday I woke up at the butt-crack of dawn, got my friend K and headed to the Alderney Landing Market in Dartmouth for the first time ever. We had a table near one of the entrances and other than it being a little chilly from the doors opening and closing we had a nice day chatting and people watching. 

Me at our cute little table.

Table set up.

Items weren't exactly flying off the shelves  but I did manage to sell a few things...most of them to one lady.  When I saw her coming I new that she was part of our target audience!  She had wild curly hair with a pouf-y gray and pearl embellished headband and crazy cat-eyed glasses.  She bought two cards, six gift tags, and one of my feathered headbands, which looked fantastic on her!  My other lone customer was an adorable older lady and she bought one of my butterfly terrarium ornaments.  The grand total sold was $32, the exact amount required to cover the cost of the table! 

Poor K had ADORABLE cake buntings and super sweet flower garlands and didn't sell any:(  I think as soon as the right customer comes along they will snatch up a bunch for their special event and she will do very well.   However lucky for us the nice lady at the market later came along and told us that she was going to waive the first two weeks fees.  Her theory is that for some reason it usually takes a few weeks for people to notice you and for sales to increase.  I think she didn't want us to leave discouraged and to guarantee we'd come back.

K's cake bunting (in donuts and Pellegrino bottles), picture them on a decadently frosted birthday cake!  So cute!

 I am hoping that next week we can get a table a little closer to the action away from that door.  It seemed like most people congregated in the middle section of the market and people only hit us on their way out the which point they had already settled on leaving and were done shopping.  Either way, we'll be there giving it another go next week.

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Lannie said...

The table looks beautiful. Good luck!