Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sew Much to Do...

I am frantically trying to get ready for my debut at the market but wanted to share a few things that I have made in the past week or so.  Between teaching, my serving job and hockey I have no clue how I am going to get this all together by 5am-ish on Saturday morning but I am sure I will succeed.  I may not have everything perfect (which will kill me) but I am sure it will be just fine.
Snow Babies(should have photgraphed them against a coloured background).

My first boy doll!

I tried a new method to make the hair for this one.  I found it here.
Bibs made using some of the fabric sent to me by Alana in Japan.

I am off to job number two in a few...wish me luck...I'll need it to get everything done and organized in time:)

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Lannie said...

Everything looks great! I like the snowbabies! The Alice bibs look cool! I hope people dig the Japanese fabric! Sweets and Alice are big here!