Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yard Sale and Sushi

Another uber productive day! I got up bright and early this morning and went straight to Michael's to pick up some crafty things I needed. I also got labels to price items for my yard sale coming up this Saturday. I have lots of junk I need to get rid of before my pending move in November. There is no way I am moving all this stuff to my new place. I also want to get it done before the reeeeallllly cold weather is here. That way I won't be stuck with it for another year. Whatever I don't sell I will donate to a local charity. I have tonnes of clothes and kitchen stuff that just has to go! I am also parting ways with my beloved VHS collection. I am gonna have to replace them all with DVD's because there are some gems that I just don't wanna part with...but seeing as how I no longer have a working VCR, I guess it is time. I also managed to get some laundry done and have a long overdue sushi date. Speaking of would think that considering I spend my days surrounded by it I would be sick of it. However that is not the case. While searching for softie patterns a while back I came across some cute sushi ones. I think I am gonna make some and some sushi candy too, yum! Here are some pictures that I am going to use for inspiration:
I just love how adorable those little maki and nigiri are! Sushi full of whimsy, who'd have thought! Anyhoo, I am off to finish pricing yard sale items before I head to hockey tonight.

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