Saturday, September 19, 2009

Prime Time

I am starting a few new projects this weekend. The first one is an old dresser that my mom donated to me a few years ago when I was a poor student (now I am a poor teacher) and I have been meaning to get around to freshening it up for quite sometime now. I am thinking of making it lilac-y purple or a light turquoise colour...I'll see how I feel after it is all primed.

I also got two frames from Value Village yesterday. I have primed them white, they may stay that way or I may be adventurous and do a bright colour. I re-did a frame a few months back that had a very similar floral print to the larger frame. They must have been all the rage in the 60's. I also have decide what to put in them. I ordered a print from the Black Apple Etsy shop and the smaller frame may be perfect for it! I am sooooooo excited for it to get here!

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