Sunday, June 2, 2013

Poppin' Tags!

I was on a bit of a thrifting hiatus, as my house can't accommodate all my treasures.  Well, I've got the bug and have been back at it full force...I'll find a place to cram it!  Last weekend I went to New Brunswick to spend some time with J, as he is working on a home reno project there and our time together has been limited as of late.  The property where he is working is incredible.  However, since the weather was basically crap I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I could have.

What I did do made up for it.  I found the most jam packed crazy flea market I have ever stepped foot inside.  It was wall to wall vintage treasures.  I think I found my people.  I could have spent a small fortune but it was actually a bit overwhelming...too many things to choose from!  I had the pleasure of chatting with an older gentleman who totally had my number!  The first time I walked by he said, "You are a collector, I can tell".  Now while I am sure many people that walk through those doors are collectors he did specifically say it to me and not the person I was there with.  On my second go round I asked him about some milk glass vases.  His response was "Must be for a wedding."  While I am not exactly engaged yet...he was right, I have been collecting them for my someday wedding (yes, I know...I am what!). I ended up buying a sweet squirrel salt and pepper shaker from him and used some mad bargaining skills to get all seven of his vases for half price!



The thrifting didn't stop there.  I have also been stalking Value Village and Kijiji for fun finds.  I got a new to me kitchen table with chrome legs and a faux wood top for $20 and some other adorable treasures. 

Bambi planter to match my Bambi bookends I got a while back.
Bird plates for my plate wall. On top of vintage polyester curtains that I adore.
Pink cabbage rose depression glass.

Baby gift for a friend who just had the most adorable baby boy.  Going plant some pretty flowers in it.

Anchor Hocking baking dish.

Brass wall sconce type things.
Next weekend is a favorite of mine.  Curbside give away weekend! I am going to get up early, hit up the fancy neighbourhoods and try to score some good free stuff to bring home:)  I wish J or K were around to help me with my search!






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