Thursday, May 9, 2013


As I sit here with no voice (laryngitis) I have an urge to say something.  Since I haven't posted in almost three months and can't call up anyone to talk, I figure this is the best venue to share a few thoughts.  In the past few months I have travelled to Cuba, bought a new car and have spent a lot of time pondering life (but then again aren't I always?). 

Cuba was lovely.  Exactly the break my babe and I needed from our hectic lives and to get us through the even more hectic time the was yet to come (currently in progress).  We stayed in Varadero and I would go back in a heartbeat!  What wasn't to enjoy?  An abundance of cocktails, sunshine and zero responsibilities.  I would have to say the highlight of our trip was the day we spent in Havana.  I find the history and culture fascinating. 

I am loving my new car.  Her name is Esmeralda...she's a Fiesta.  It's nice to be driving something reliable.  I also love all the Bluetooth techy I can talk on my phone legally and listen to my music:)  I was also able to sell my Nissan and make a few bucks off of it.  I am very proud of myself for doing the responsible, grown-up thing to do with the extra dough...paying off my credit card, which would have NEVER happened a few years ago!

These recent days have been quite busy.  The daily grind is busy enough but picking up the slack in the household chores department for my dear bf who is working his tail off has added a bit of extra work to my daily routine.  I've got no right to complain...and I am not.  J is on his 25th consecutive work day and is also going to school two evenings a week on top of that.  The only complaint I've got is that I am missing him a bit.  That paired with the fact that my closest friends have been largely out of reach (mostly away in different parts of the country/world) had me feeling a bit bummed too.  To cheer myself up I did what I do best.  I went shopping.  The spring weather had me inspired and wanting some cheery new cheery new duds I got.  I also went on a mission to find some comfy, non old lady shoes that wouldn't totally break the bank (why are all the comfy shoes so ugly and expensive???).  I think I succeeded.  They are totally plain but are just what I needed for work.  I also thrifted a few good finds which always makes me happy.

I have been back on a little bit of a jewelry making kick.  I made some beaded bracelets and am in the process of making some "grown-up" friendship bracelets.  As the spring weather approaches so does a time of job uncertainty which is never any fun.  June through August can be very stressful for us non-permanent teachers if we let it get to us.  I am hoping to balance the stress with some summer projects (furniture refinishing, crafting), beach-going and a visit to Montreal to see my best friend and her son who is undergoing his second bone marrow transplant (not exactly a stress free situation, but I miss them oh so much and will be very happy to see them).

I am hoping that this weekend I will maybe get to see my mom and a very dear friend who hopefully will become a mom in the next day or two!



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