Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hoarders(Crafter's Edition): Stickers

I am a greedy sticker whore.  I have heaps of them.  Dollar store stickers, stickers that cost $7 a sheet, heck, I even have someone in Japan supplying me with stickers.  Not only do I have a tonne, I rarely use them.  I can't bear to peel them off the page and use them.  Some I just buy 'cause they are so darn cute but don't want to use them in case I can't find them again.  Adding to this problem is the fact that I am a teacher.  I use this as an excuse to buy even more stickers to put on my students work...sometimes they make it on their work...sometimes I just give them the ones I don't really care for...often the stay here with me safe in my craft room.  Please regard this as a cry for help.  I'll be awaiting my intervention.

Can't you just picture it?  Me in some sticker rehab facility un-peeling and collecting stickers and labels off of jars just to get a high...

I was going to put them all out on my bed and roll around in them, throw them in the air and laugh maniacally but then I realized I might damage some of my preciouses and couldn't do it!  I'll just stick to doing it with my heaps of money!

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Japan-a-lana said...

Awesome stickers. I find Japan-style kawaii stuff from the US way cuter than actually Japanese kawaii stuff. Maybe you could find some students to give a few to? ;)