Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Eves Past

Tomorrow night is New Year's Eve.  To be honest New Year's Eve is generally underwhelming for me.  Trying to come up with some fantastic plan to ring in the new year only to end up being disappointed.  I am actually looking forward to this year's festivities though.  A night of dancing and drinks with old friends is exactly what this lady needs.

However as I look back through some of these old photos my NYE's don't look so bad:)

1998: High School graduating year.  House party, very unglamourous.  There seems to be a real lack of glitter and sparkle.  The nice thing is, I actually still talk to 99% of these people:)

2000:  Pre-bar drinks at my very first apartment.  Ignore the Anne Geddes on the wall.  I swear I never liked that crap.

2002:  Kitchen party with some of my favorite ladies (and gents, not pictured obviously).

2006:  Basement party. 

2007:  Another house party with some of my faves.

2008:  While this may look fantastic and fun this was actually probably the worst New Year's Eve of all time.  Horrible event ending in chaos and much snow storm related drama.

2009:  NYE/50th B'day party for a friend's dad.  Heading back to the same place this year:)

There are some gaps where photos are missing.  I remember some of these events.  Some years I have no idea what I did, on account of drunken-ness and my getting old.

What are you doing to ring in 2012?


Pam said...

I hope that you have a FANTASTIC NYE Janet! I can't wait to see the pictures as you ring in 2012 :) love you immensely xo Pam

janniep said...

You too Pammy. So obviously drinks didn't happen but we will have to ensure they do very soon into 2012! Hope you guys have a fun NYE:)