Monday, September 19, 2011

Loved It/Hated It...Emmy's 2011 Fashion

Last night I watched the Emmy's and was actually quite entertained.  I think Jane Lynch did a great job hosting.  I was touched by a few of the acceptance speeches, Ty Burrell's and Melissa McCarthy's in particular.  The entertainment for the most part was superb.  I think I could have lived without the Emmytones but was overjoyed with the Lonely Island/Michael Bolton SNL medly.  I also thought the Hallelujah tribute by the Canadian Tenors was lovely.  That song is hauntingly beautiful and always brings tears to my eyes. 

I would love to take the time to give a detailed critique the evening's fashion but since everyone else and their dog has already done that, I'll just show my personal stand outs in the best and worst categories.


Come on Gywneth!  Cover up your midriff!

Amy Poehler in her super tight, super shiny blue dress. 

Juliana Margulies in her ugly white space dress.

Sorry ladies...your dresses are butt ugly. 


Sophia Vergera is the epitome of sexiness in this red dress that shows of her amazing shape!

Another Modern Family fashionista, Sarah Hyland looks stunning in this flowy one shoulder number!

Jayma Mays is my absolute favorite in this pink, tulle, tiered number.  She just looks so damn sweet!  Love it H to T (that's Head to Toe for you non-America's Next Top Model fans)!


Anonymous said...

Agreed! Good job Janet!

janniep said...

Thanks Shan! We've got great taste;)