Thursday, July 21, 2011

What I'm up to...summer projects and such!

Now that the golf tournament is done for this year I really want to get some of the projects done that I have been meaning to do for some time now.  Some things that I want to do are kind of mundane things that need to be done around here but I also want to get back into some more creative projects.  I really haven't done much of anything in that regard since the winter and I am getting the sewing itch again.

I think my first major household project that I am going to do is get my plate wall started.  I have some really cute/pretty/funny plates that I am going to hang in my dinining/craft room.  I am going to try to post about that really soon....hopefully all goes well.

I also want to make some new dollies and some tiny little cute felt things.

In the meantime I will leave you with some of my lastest thrift shop finds.  Don't hate!  I know you are burning up in jealousy;)

A sweet little floral thingy that I am going to use to hold magazines.  I think it may have been used originally as some sort of knitting caddy...I may be wrong though.

Adorable vintage clutches.

1.  Tray for my living room table.
2.  Vintage recipe card box.
3.  Peach luster ware deer trinket box/candy dish?
4.  Little bunny foo foo.  Ceramic, made in Japan, with a fluffy tail.
5.  Lucky kitty.  The kind where the arm moves
( It is next to my tv and and find myself fixated on the kitty's arm movement more often than the tv).

So today instead of burning myself into a further crisp I am going to get some of this stuff done!  I will let you know how much progress I make!


Japan-a-lana said...

Lucky cat! Awesome! I think you are right about it being a knitting caddy. Is that tray the pink lady and the blue boy? Kind of looks like them!

janniep said...

They kinda look like the pink lady and the blue boy but I don't think they are. The tray is marked "Young Lovers". If you look closely eachh picture is a little different...he is serenading her, they are holding hands...etc.