Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I could get used to days like these...

Today was a perfectly lovely day.  I did very little and enjoyed every minute of it.  I woke up went for groceries, came home and did some dishes and then spent pretty much the remainder of my day lounging on my back deck reading in my new floppy hat.  The sun was glorious, with just enough of a breeze that I never felt uncomfortable.

For dinner I tried out a new recipe; quinoa burgers.  They were really, really yummy!  I think next time I may experiment with some different spices (maybe a curry), but I will definately be making these again.  They are a great, healthy, vegetarian alternative to traditional burgers! 

Find the recipe here!

This evening I played floor hockey in an extremely hot gym and now am going to relax and watch some bad t.v., sounds like a good way to end a perfect day!

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