Sunday, March 13, 2011

On this day 31 years ago the world got a little weirder.

That's right peeps!  Today is my 31st birthday.  I celebrated last night with the ladies at an awesome new wine bar in town.  We got to Obladee at around 8 with no real plan...just have a few drinks and see where the night took us.  Well it didn't really take us anywhere.  We enjoyed the atmosphere at Obladee so much we pretty much just stayed there all night.  It was exactly what I wanted for my birthday.  A nice, laid back night with good wine, good friends in a place with a good atmosphere and nice ambiance. 

Photo Credit-Gavin Langille via Obladee website

My birthday chocolate dipped strawberry tower.

Tonight the fella and I are celebrating by going to a restaurant we really enjoy, Brooklyn Warehouse and then going to a movie.  I am excited and think it will be perfect since it is a school night and I am still considerably tired from last night.

31 feels pretty good so far!

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