Friday, February 25, 2011

The New Cupcake Girl in Town!

I've had two weeks of Spring Break and it has basically slipped by and I haven't accomplished many of the things I had intended.  I wanted to get a big jump start on some sewing so I can take part in some craft shows in the spring and summer.  I did a couple of things but nothing major. 

One thing that did happen that has got me really excited is that I have taken on a job making cupcakes for a friend of a friend's wedding this summer.  The theme is "vintage" and the colors are grey, pale yellow, ivory and light grey with dusty rose and dusty blue accents.

Here are some inspiration photos I found:

So basically right now I am on operation cupcake.  I am searching for great recipes and practising my decorating techniques.  I don't think my skills are up to par with the cupcakes above but they certainly will help in inpsiring me and achieving the style I am going for.  I am a bit nervous about this, it is a lot of pressure making perfect cupcakes for someone's big day.  I have never done cupcakes in large quantities and have a lot of questions about how to pull this off.  I need supplies and I am not sure where to get them.  For example I need boxes that have little "cupcake holes" to put them in so they don't slide around in transport.  I would absolutely die if all of my hard work got ruined hours before the wedding and I let the bride and groom down.  I know a simple search of the internet will probably answer my questions and I can order the things I need but it is still a bit nerve-wracking.

I am sure that I will spend as much money as I am going to make on this endeavour testing out recipes and practising my piping skills but the experience will be well worth it.  If all goes well I may start a little side business and all this testing will be invaluable in the future.  Plus I will be super popular with my friends and coworkers who will get to me my taste-tasters over the next few months.

Today I tried a vanilla bean cupcake with a vanilla swiss meringue buttercream frosting (recipes from Annie's Eats).  They turned out really well.  I probably overcooked the cupcakes by a minute or two.  They were a slightly brown on the edges but at least I know now to reduce the cooking time by a few minutes if I choose to make these ones for the big event.  I want them to look absolutely perfect.    The frosting was also very good.  Extremely buttery with a silky smooth texture.   I'm not sure which I prefer, this recipe or the marshmallow buttercream I made a few weeks back.  I think either would be fine contenders for the wedding cupcakes. I messed around a bit piping with different tips but I haven't got the exact right tip in my collection.  I am gonna have to head to Micheal's and get a few more appropriate ones to try.
My cupcake! You can even see the little vanilla bean flecks!

Frosting version #1

Frosting version #2
Frosting version#3

The colour is really off in these pictures and the yellow frosting looks kinda ugly.  It really is just a pale yellow not the ugly yellow, pea greenish colour as it appears in the photo. Also the white cake and the frosting doesn't have much of a contrast.  This may look better with a different colour or on a chocolate cupcake.  I'll play around with that a bit too.

P.S.- Also, in a bizarre coincidence I was also approached to do another wedding a few days after I accepted the challenge of doing this one.  I would have totally been on board except that the wedding was just one day before this one and I think under the pressure and time constraints my head my have exploded so I declined.


Michelle said...

Hello! I just came across your blog when I typed in "vintage cupcakes" in google!! I love the inspirations you posted, and I'm going to try one this week! Congrats on doing the wedding! I'd love to get into that one of these days!!


janniep said...

Thanks! I am pretty excited about it. It is going to be a lot of work but I am really happy that someone thought my baking skills were good enough for their special day!

Anonymous said...

I too am doing a wedding for the 1st time! It's for a close friend and I am doing it as my wedding present to them. I LOVE the choc, vanilla, strawberry with the tall frosting's... I think it would be perfect for my friends vintage wedding. I'm making a few different frosting's tomorrow and going to try and duplicate it!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited! Janet's cupcakes looked and tasted phenomenal! Our wedding guests are extremely lucky!