Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Darling Pair of Chairs!

Image how thrilled I was last week when rummaging through Value Village looking for suitable costumes for my school's Christmas Concerts when I found these gems!

They were just sitting there un-priced abd un-loved, just waiting for me to rescue them.  I just love everything about them.  The vintage vinyl seats in such an amazing Brady Bunch-esque 60's/70's print.  Also, I neglected to mention they are mini!  That increases the cute factor about 10 fold automatically.

I got the sales girl to check on the price.  I made a deal with myself as she walked away.  If they were under $5 each they'd be mine.  If not they'd have to stay in the store.  I really couldn't justify spending money on children's chairs when I don't have any children if they were any pricier than that.  Turns out I was in luck,  $3.99 each!  If only there was a matching table (and some children)to go with them!  They are a little dingy but I am hoping with a little elbow grease I can take some of that away.  Now I just have to find some place to put them.  Right now they are chillin' in my craft room but it's beginning to look like an episode of Hoarder's in there so I've gotta come up with something.

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Lannie said...

Great colors!! Never underestimate the power of Googone. Seriously! It cleans everything!