Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Concert Success:)

I am struggling to come up with the ambition to do a proper post.  I am trying to get a tonne of last minute Christmas stuff done, here's what I am trying to check of my to do list...

___ wrap gifts
___ get 2 gingerbread ornaments made
___ make table runner
___ make felt stocking
___ make cupcake ornaments
___ make Sweet and Hot Spiced Pecans
___ make more owls
___ put finishing touches on sweet treat packaging
___ make a doll for Jude
___ put up outside lights on balcony

I also want to let everyone know that by some miracle I pulled off three successful Christmas Concerts.  Not too bad considering from start to finish I had just under three weeks to get it all done.  I was sweating it a little bit when the dress rehearsals had more than a few glitches but all in all it went off quite well.  I got lots of nice compliments from the parents, staff at both school and was made privy to a few voicemails and emails sent to the principals by parents and the response was quite positive.  Now if they want to truly show me their appreciation they will give me a full time job:)


Becky Ford said...

Awesome job on your Christmas concerts :) I have another thing to add to your list...a doll for Jacob LOL :)pretty please...but it can wait until after Christmas :)

janniep said...

Will do! But it will definately have to wait til the New Year. Any specific requests for colors etc?