Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Story of a Halloween Fail

1. Early September, buy not one, but two awesome Halloween costume at a thrift store.
2.  September and October are super, crazy busy, don't give much thought to Halloween, knowing in the back of my mind I've got two costumes.
3. On the night of the Halloween party, come home from work and try on costume number one (Little Miss Muffet).
4.  Realize the zipper is broken and there is not enough fabric to add velcro.  Don't know how to fix the zipper or have the necessary materials.
5.  Head out and run around like crazy trying to pick up required accessories to make costume number two(a peacock lady).
6.  Go to Michael's to pick up a bag of peacock feathers that I saw there earlier this week. Sold out.
7.  Go to the mall and spend too much money for a peacock feather hair clip and earrings.
8.  Come home and put peacock dress on.  Waaaaay to long.  It cut my legs of at exactly the wrong place and caused them to look like tree stumps. 
9.  Cut off bottom of dress and hem to more flattering length.
10.  Put hot rollers in hair and do make up.  This takes about an hour and a half.
11.  Put hairclip in freshly curled hair.  Attempt to put earrings on only to realize one is twisted.  Try to bend it back in shape, to have it snap and break off.
12.  Get out jewelry making tools and "fix" earring.
13.  Make a cheese and cracker tray to bring to party, pack up booze and Rock Band stuff. Go to party.
14.  Arrive on doorstep of party.  Guest are leaving.  Have missed the party.
15.  Drive around looking at dunkards in their costumes. Debate heading to another party.  Bitter and annoyed at this point.
16.  Go home and go to bed.
17. FAIL miserably at Halloween.

Remember my Halloween tree from a few posts back?  It also was a Halloween fail.  To top the entire night off when we arrived home and decided to call it a night and cuddle on the couch, the tree mysteriously fell over out of  nowhere.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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