Tuesday, June 8, 2010


A few months back I made over an old frame and never got around to posting the pics. I saw this tutorial via U Create and decided to make the rose push pins and show you my frame turned into corkboard!

It started off as a yellow framed print (I actually kinda like the yellow in hindsight...oh well...it was pretty dinged up) and I ripped the paper off the back, un-bent a bunch of nails and popped out the print. I used the print as a template and traced it onto some cork that I had bought a roll of. I had to do this twice because I found just one layer of cork was a little thin. Using Aleene's Platinum Bond, I glued the cork to the print (which was on some sort of pressed cardboard stuff). The frame was sanded and spray painted purple, the corked popped in and...voila! New corkboard for me! Yesterday I made the paper rose tacks...now I just have to hang this sucka up and add some inspiration!

Here's an upclose shot of a paper rose tack. I think you can see the hot glue but oh well...it still turned out super cute:)

We also started operation make our balcony feel like a garden. We are by no means done but it is certainly better than the barren slab of concrete it was the day before.

The BF purchased a park bench and we put that together on Sunday. Later that day he also went out and got us a little bird bath. I thought that it might be a little weird on a balcony...but bein' the cat lovin' man that he is BF will do anything to attract more birds to our balcony to entertain our fur babies Dexy and Miso. Yesterday we headed to Home Depot and got some clay pots, flowers, herbs, and a tomato plant. I am excited to see if I can not kill everything! Just getting things transfered into their new homes I managed to chip the edge off one of the pots....such a clumsy girl am I!

Notice the purple spray paint on the balcony floor from spray painting the above cork board...I got in a little trouble for that one!

I've also added little solar lights to the flower pots but don't have pics of those. I can't wait to add to our little garden and make our back balcony (we have two, the front one is going to be the bbq/dining balcony)a little summer retreat.

I also bought the BF a neat little bird watching book he had been eyeing up. It's cool because it shows the pictures of the birds and gives information about them AND it plays the birds call! Neat-o!

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