Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hello Holly!

A few evenings ago I went to Value Village to see what treasures I could find. I was especially looking for a small blue and white plate to complete a trio of plates to be hung on the wall in my kitchen. While searching I came across these darling Holly Hobby gems. By no means did I need all six of them, nor do I have storage place for them (*future Hoarders episode coming up!) but I just couldn't leave them there unappreciated and unloved. I almost left the "mom" one but figured my mom or one of my mom friends may appreciate it, so I took them all. I should pobably mention I have a soft spot for Holly Hobby as my very first bedroom was adorned with Holly Hobby wall paper and I also had a Holly Hobby doll if my memory serves me correctly. When I got home a google search revealed that these plates were made by American Greetings somewhere around 1972. I think I will hang one of these babies in my craft room (now how to pick just one!). As for the fate of the others, that is yet to be determined. Regardless of what I do with them I absolutely love them and can't believe my luck in finding them!
Count the sunny hours and forget the rainy days.

A smile reflects a happy heart.

Start each day in a happy way.
Ooops! Guess I should have cleaned the stick gunk off!
Put on a happy face.

Mother is another name for love.
The happiest times are those shared with friends.

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