Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Simple Diary

I heard about Keel's Simple Diary a few months ago from a work friend and was intrigued. I completely forgot about it until last week when I was shopping at Costco and came across it in the book section. They come in a variety of colours...brown, blue, green, red, yellow, and orange. Costco only had red, green, and blue. I chose green. The idea is that most people don't bother to keep diaries because sometimes life is boring, it takes a lot of discipline to write, and what you write may be embarrassing. So Keel's Simple Diary offers a structure that allows you to fill in the blank, circle, draw, etc. your feelings. They make it easy. It is not a huge can fill it in as often as you'd like and do it in any order you'd like. I am doing mine in order (whenever the mood strikes me)but am trying my hardest not to look ahead so I don't know what's coming!

I chose lime green apparently that means I :

( ) like moss ( ) am a snake ( ) dislike golf

And what I need right now could be:

1. some romance

2. to buy myself a jumpsuit

3. to do the dishes by hand

I suppose I like moss, I do dislike golf, but I am definately NOT a snake!

I can always use some romance in my life (no offense BF) and I did in fact just buy the cutest demin jumpsuit. I detest doing the dishes by hand.

My Simple Diary on my bed where I tend to do all my simple writing.

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