Friday, May 28, 2010

My Black Apple Dolls

I have known about these dolls for quite sometime now but until recently haven't gotten around to making them(you can find the pattern here on Martha). It's shocking really since I LOVE all of Emily Martin's work. I have a couple of her prints hanging on my walls and just generally love her blog(s). My first attempt was this little girl in pink...

and then this red head in blue...

I ended up giving the latter as a birthday gift to an adorable four year old. I showed a picture of my dolls to two guys at work (mind you these are creative type guys) and now I am making two custom dolls for them. One as a birthday gift for one guy's girlfriend (she is a work in progress that I am calling Denim Jenna) and the other will be a gift given to some goth guy known as Dream Pig (I kid you not!). This should be interesting...I'll be posting pictures!
Stay tuned for my Black Apple Dolls with a serious twist!
P.S.- I had some trouble getting the legs right side out so for the second doll I fattened them up. Also I used unbleached cotton for the skin and it frayed a lot so that was tricky to deal with!

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