Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All You Need Is Love (and sweets!)

With Valentine's approaching I thought I'd share some of the things I have been doing to enhance the amount of love in the air around my little apartment. Last Sunday I spent the afternoon watching John Hughes flicks and whipping up this adorable slice of cake. It was a glorius afternoon! The cake came to me via a kit sent from Japan. It took me a few minutes to decipher the directions (as they were in Japanese), but due to it's simplicity I figured it out (Thanks for sending all the goodies Alana!). I probably should have used a little more stuffing...the poor cake is a little deflated...oh well. Next time!

I have also turned my Christmas Charlie Brown tree into a Valentine's tree. I used my heart punch and some dollar store stuff to transform it. For some reason the kitties (well, mostly just our bad boy Dexter, his sister Miso is much more civilized) are far more intrigued by it as a Valentine's tree than as a Christmas tree. I've already had to scold Dexy twice after finding him batting paper hearts around the living room. At least there is nothing breakable on this one!

I need to find a home for this...right now it is just resting on a bookshelf in the living room.

This little Black Apple gem also needs a home! I am soooooo bad at getting anything hung up around here. I have had this print for months now and just finally got around to refinishing my Value Village find frame... Although very fitting for V'Day I need to find a permanent year-round home for it. I just love the quote and the fact that it has a little terrarium of love!

"...if there is no love in the world we will make a new world & give it heavy walls"
Speaking of love...it was also my loves 31st birthday yesterday. This is the cake I made him (along with Ribs and twice baked sour cream and chive potatoes courtesy of m'lady Martha).

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