Sunday, October 4, 2009


A few weeks ago my boyfriend bought the Beatles Rockband game. We had been waiting for the opportunity to have a get together with all of our crazy friends to give the game a whirl. We were hoping to top an epic party held about a year (or more) ago when the first Rock Band came out where costumes were worn and a whole lot of shenanigans took place. I am not sure if we topped it but there were certainly costumes and shenanigans. I'd say it was equally impressive. Although I think the decor surpassed the last party by a long shot. I even had the boyfriend crafting (and I think he enjoyed it)!

The decor:

(Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds)

(An Octopus's Garden)

(The Yellow Submarine, AKA my bathroom door)

There were more decorations but I can't post them now because it is taking FOREVER to upload the pictures. Perhaps I will add more later. We also had a full bar complete with recipes for a "Blue Meanie Martini", "Magical Mystery Drink", "John Lemon", among others! I believe a truly fab time was had by all.
Should I go platinum?

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