Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday Night Finds

Here are my Friday night Value Village finds.

-The two floral pictures will go on either side of my bed.
-The brown daisy plates are the same as the ones we had when I was a kid and one will go on my plate wall.
-The other "Kissin' don't last, Cookin' do" plate will also go on my plate wall.
-The tacky snowman will be hid away until Christmas
-I am not sure where the little squirrel and dried flower picure frame thing will go.

What an exciting life I lead:)


Sarah said...

Haha I had the same plates growing up as a kid!

janniep said...

I hated them back then. Now I am all nostalgic about all that stuff.

Japan-a-lana said...

Love the snowman! You'll have to take some pics of your new place to show us how you are putting all this stuff to use!

janniep said...

I am just waiting until everything is just perfect! You may get some pics in 2020:)

P.S.-Alana, I haven't forgotten that I owe you a package. How 'bout you inbox me what you'd like and I'll get on that!