Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I may just be a compulsive thrifter...

I have a problem.  I am officially addicted to thrift shopping and trying to find things to pimp out my place.  I went to Value Village both today and yesterday and both days came out with more than an arm load. 

Here is what I got:
-Japanese(?) doll for my little collection (she may not be Japanese but she looks kinda similar to my others)
-two little ornate picture frames
-red gingham table cloth
-lace table cloth
-plain white table cloth
-milk glass lamp
-old green chair
-bird salt and pepper shakers
-white and gold dish
-old jars (one from 1954 and one from 1938)
-goldish brown dish

This wouldn't be a problem if I had enough room to put the stuff I already own and wasn't broke as a joke. I just keep going in to look for curtains and a side table for my living room and come out with tonnes and tonnes of crap...and by crap I of course mean fabulous, vintage finds that are unique and beautiful especially in comparison to the crap that is mass produced by tiny children in Asia and sold in Wal-Mart.

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