Sunday, May 8, 2011

Canada's Worst Handywoman

My house was coming along quite nicely.  It was beginning to feel like a home.  As of late I have been experiencing some setbacks and it is really destroying any motivation to get anything done.  The biggest set back has been the damn blinds! 

For some reason I am incapable of measuring my windows correctly.  My first attempt I ended up with blinds that were just a smidge too narrow.  So...I decide to head back to the store and ask if they could re-cut them to fit the inner pane.  This time I triple checked my measurements.  I even measured all six windows to make sure they were the same.  The lady at the store told me they had to be cut 1/8" narrower than my actual measurement to account for the brackets.  That made sense to me so she went ahead and did it.  Then I headed to Wal-Mart and spent some more of my non-existent money on some cheap sheers to hang over my blinds. 

I get home and am bound and determined to make some progress on this place and start swinging my hammer.  I put a blind up in one window.  It seems okay.  I move on the next.  It should work right?  The blinds are all the same size, the windows are all the same size...well it doesn't friggin' work the little end thingy doesn't even reach the bracket (again off by a smidge).  Makes no sense to me.  So I go to the first blind to pull down the shade and the damn thing falls on my head.  Doesn't fit afterall I suppose.  I think I am the only person in history who can manage measure once and cut twice and still not be lucky enough to make either work.  Frustrated I decided to move on to another project.  Recovering my Salvation Army telephone table and removing the screws in my dresser/tv stand left there by the previous owner.  I get out my new Dollar Store screwdriver.  It is one of those ones where you can change out the tip.  I flip over the telephone table to see what type of screwdriver I'll need.  Square holes, no problem.  Oh wait, problem!  My crappy screwdriver does not have that bit.  Fine.  I'll fix the dresser.  Take a look.  Square holes.  FML.  I quit after a few unsuccessful attempts I manage to set up my DVD player..."Troop Beverly Hills" it is.

Now I have brackets in four of my window frames that I am having extreme difficulty getting out.  The hammer wedge-y thing is too big and I can't get it under the nail to pry it off.  I also went through the trouble of filling in all the holes left by all of the previous tenants for the last 20 years of so and now I am back to square one with ugly holes everywhere.  So up go the ugly mismatched curtains again, which sucks because otherwise the living room and bedroom are looking pretty spiffy.

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