Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Rap *Warning* Explicit Lyrics

This is a little different then the stuff I usually post about (it has nothing to do with crafting, thrifting, baking etc) but it is too funny not to share.  I suppose it's not really very funny if you don't know me or the crazy people I work with, but it's my blog so I guess I can post what I want;) Anyhoo...the other day at work things were a little slow and some raps were written (thanks Aah-lex), here's the one about me:

J to the A to the N.E.T
a woman who well all like to meet,
if she were a movie, I'm hoping hoping double feature,
like David Lee Roth in Hot for Teacher.
A little weird though I have to admit,
short, short skirts and a rack that don't quit.
Finger lickin' good like corn on the cob,
been thinkin bout changing my name to Rob.
I ain't religious but I got a confession,
I'm no student but you can teach me a lesson,
about what makes you tick, how to get you undressin'
Like Aesop me and you like a fable,
wanna bend you over the multiplication table!
Teacher, teacher please say class dismissed,
been countin' on you like an abacus.

                           Written by this guy--------------------->

There are a few more verses but they get more I am not gonna post them on here.

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