Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dreamy Kitchens

I've been thinking a lot about re-decorating lately.  This is really quite a shame seeing as how I live in an apartment and have zero budget for decorating.  When I say zero I don't mean like I have to shop cheaply or look for second hand items...I mean zero.  Like my car needs a new transmission and I have zero dollars in the bank and I don't get paid for another  Oh well I am gonna tuck these beauts in the memory bank for the time being.  Maybe even in a few months I can think about adding a little style to my kitchen.  Until then I will dream about these...
1. babiemma flicr photos 2. Hidden in France 3. Wanderer by Trade 4. Can't where  I got this one but if it is yours I will gladly give you credit or remove it if you'd like.
I don't know if I would ever do a pink kitchen but it is very, very cute.  Kind of like living in your own Barbie dream house. I just love the SMEG refrigerator in the first pic.  I am not sure about the light fixture or the rest of it for that matter but the frige is fan-friggin tastic!  I also love, love, love the large blue food storage cabinet from Ella's Kitchen Cabinet Ltd. in the second picture.  I think it would be lovely to have next to my new Kitchen Aid mixer for all my baking needs:) In the third pic it's all about the back splash and the range hood.  I have always wanted a window above my kitchen sink and I love the vintage (or vintage inspired?) fabric curtain.

1.  Once again not so sure... 2. Caitlin Wilson Kitchen 3. House and Garden 4.  Ghislaine Vinas
As much as I love bright colours I also love the freshness of white.  I think I'd be happy in a white kitchen with a few pops of fresh, bright colour.  I am really diggin' the wall paper in #2.

1???? Sorry for sucking so much.  2&3 Pie Bird Press 4. See #1

I think best of all I love the retro inspired collage wall of number three and pretty much everything about number 4.   As much as I really love all of these kitchens I think the more cluttered, kitschy lookin' ones are more my style.  I am a collector of many strange and wonderful things and a very stark, modern, minimalist kitchen would just not work for me.  I actually sort of enjoy clutter, in a somewhat organized fashion at least.  Anyhoo...which one do you think most suits me?  Which one do you like best?


Japan-a-lana said...

I like the one with the dark cabinets and the chandelier! My visit to Canada has reignited my decorating bug, things are going to start to get stylish around here!

janniep said...

I think that although I have no $$$ there are still a few things I could do to spruce things up around here. I could finally get around to hanging some photos and sew up some cute little curtains with all the fabric I've got laying around.