Monday, September 13, 2010

Obsession du Jour

I don't generally consider myself to be a fickle person but I think my crafty side is. I seem to flip back and forth from one crafty obsession to another. I will spend a month obsessed with sewing...get sick of that and switch to something else. This month I seem to be stuck on cards. I like card making because you can make a card in a relatively short's that kind of almost instant gratification that I need to maintain my interest.

I didn't make these but check out the super, duper, adorable, cards I got at Value Village last week! The came in a coordinating box and I have multiple copies of each! Although the 24 set of cards wasn't complete, I think I scored at $1.50!

Some cards I made over the past few days...
Origami and my new kokeshi doll stamp.

Sweet birthday card.

Another frou-frou sweet birthday card.

...even more...

My attempt at something boy-ish.

I am going to continue with the cards for a few more days...then I think I will switch to felt sweets and stuffed things...we'll see...I'm only a random google search away from getting hooked on something else!

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